Why National Energy Services?

We are the UK’s home for independent energy assessors, home inspectors, surveyors and low carbon professionals.

We have built our reputation on:

  • High quality training by experienced experts
  • Technically superior, user-friendly software
  • Practical advice and friendly technical support
  • Rigorous monitoring and strict quality assurance
Perfect Storm in Surveying Market Creates Golden Opportunity for Qualified Surveyors

There are times when a market for a particular service or commodity hits a “sweet spot” where demand rises, supply falls slightly short of that demand, and price becomes a secondary issue. And for those who can offer a level of supply into that market, the doors of opportunity for growth begin...

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ECO Online

Quickly and accurately produce cost and carbon ECO scores to a standard endorsed by OFGEM.

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Optimise your ECO scores

NES Touch

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NES have launched NES Touch a mobile tablet app that means it’s quicker and easier to do your RdSAP assessments, and it gives you the confidence that you’re meeting the current NES audit requirements.

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