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Home Energy Checker (HEC) is a user-friendly self-assessment tool which provides homeowners with personalised energy advice. It was developed to be customised and embedded into existing websites and is ideal for retailers, installers and other corporate companies looking to offer a simple, online home energy checking service to homeowners.

HEC allows homeowners to carry out rapid assessments of their homes to identify approximate cost and carbon savings from different energy efficiency measures. Where appropriate, the householder can be presented with opportunities for action including the purchase of products or services. The tool provides a clear and concise report in PDF and XML format for easy analysis.

In addition to providing useful advice for homeowners, the output generated by HEC can easily be used to generate and prioritise sales leads and opportunities for corporate customers. 

Why is HEC right for your customers?

  • HEC produces an A-G energy efficiency rating, similar to that on an Energy Performance Certificate, which research shows householders are familiar and comfortable with. 
  • Outputs from the assessment can be used to pre-qualify householders and present opportunities to sell products and services. 
  • The tool is practical and straightforward to implement, meaning no downtime for your website, and operates on mobile devices such as iPads and Android tablets. 

Website demo:

To view a demo site for Home Energy Checker, click here. Please remember that Home Energy Checker will be branded to your specifications; the screens are for demonstration purposes only.

Features and benefits:

  • Engaging tool for householders to help increase quantity and quality of sales leads
  • Can be fully branded by you to seamlessly embed into your website
  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Flexible contracts available  over 1, 3 or 5 years
  • Uses our DIYSAP methodology to inform our inferences and formulae and enable only 24 questions to approximate over 200 questions. 


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