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Ellie Parker
Did you 'fool' for our April Fools article this year? On April 1st, we published an article and new CPD course on Flesh-Eating Knotweed and had a bit of fun courtesy of The Little Shop of Horrors - well done if you got the reference!
Ellie Parker
From wind turbines to solar panels, the UK’s interest in renewable energy sources is increasing and PV systems are fast on their way to becoming a mainstream source of electricity. Despite Government changes to limit the cost of spending on renewables, e.g. by reducing solar subsidies for homeowners and small businesses as of January 2016, the number of solar installations continues to grow.
Hilary Grayson
The rules for higher rates of Stamp Duty (officially 'stamp duty land tax') for purchases of additional residential properties have now been confirmed. These changes will take effect from 1st April 2016.
Ellie Parker
A wood burning stove can be expensive to install, but can also be an aesthetically pleasing and cosy edition to a home – perfect for those cold winter nights in the run up to Christmas. Let’s face it, what could be nicer than huddling in front of the fire on Christmas morning? It’s hard not to get caught up in the magic of it all. However, magic aside, most will purchase a stove for more than just its aesthetic appeal. Wood fuel, when responsibly sourced, can offer a sustainable, environmentally friendly and arguably cheaper alternative to gas and electric heating and, if gas prices continue to rise, investing in alternative heating sources could make economical sense.
Ellie Parker
On a cold and drizzly winter’s day, there is nothing like returning to a warm and cosy home – but how can you be sure that you are heating your property efficiently? With the Winter Solstice just a month away, running an efficient heating system is important not only for reducing heat loss but also for saving you money on your energy bills. So, here are our top 10 tips for staying warm this winter...
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