8th Apr 2016

The first of our NES technical road shows is less than one month away. Have you booked your place? 

31st Mar 2016

A surveyor has been found negligent after failing to identify a new, deadly strain of knotweed at a client’s property. This new strain, now known as Fallopia Carnicula, or Flesh-Eating Knotweed, was discovered at the property by the clients, Mr and Mrs Seymour, just months after moving into their new home in the welsh town of Fralipool. 

29th Mar 2016

All Schemes have the ability to review the data inputs from their lodged EPCs and identify concerns from these data inputs.  It would be much ‘smarter’ to audit EPCs based on these concerns rather than to audit randomly.  Smart auditing applies a risk based approach to audit selection.  A certificate is called for audit if it triggers a smart audit rule.  The smart audit rules being applied for the trial are included below. 

23rd Mar 2016

We have received notification from the Department of Finance and Personnel in Northern Ireland that there will be an increase to the Central Register lodgement fees on 6th April 2016. This is in conjunction with the increase of Central Register lodgement fees in England and Wales as reported by DCLG on 17th March 2016.

Therefore, the fees in Northern Ireland, in line with England and Wales, for lodging reports on the Central Registers have been amended as follows:

21st Mar 2016

DECC has recently published a paper on amendments being made to the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. One of the key changes is the removal of the requirement to have a Green Deal Assessment. The paper states:

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